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Уважаемые гости, в ближайшее время наш форум перезжает на другой адрес и мы продолжаем нашу игру с новыми силами.

В связи с этим требуются новые игроки, помощники форума и просто люди, которым интересен мир Durarara!!

По всем вопросам обращаться к великому и ужасному Шизуо 614768718 мухаха!!! >D.

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Если кто не знает, Аннушка (она же непревзойденная anni_fiesta) - то чудо, которое переводит ранобе Дррр!! и помогает читателям всеми правдами и неправдами



Hmm, Vol.8. I wonder where to start. Maybe from the new characters since everyone's asking everyone else who they are?

Yagiri Seitarou
This guy is Namie and Seiji's uncle. He was already close friends with Shingen when Shinra was a little boy. Like his nephew Seiji, he fell in love with Celty's head when he saw it, albeit platonically. In fact, I'd rather say he's fascinated by the possibility of "another world" the head seems to suggest, just like Izaya is. Izaya himself comments after Namie brings him Celty's head in Vol.1: "Your uncle must be like me. I guess he doubts the existence of a world after death more than anyone, fears death more than anyone, but at the same time also wants to go to heaven more than anyone."
So far Seitarou appears to be a morally gray character. He was so fascinated with Celty's head that he threatened Shingen with Shinra's life to get it. Shingen remained friends with him, but the friendship's now not without a smidgen of bitterness. Seitarou is also close to Yadogiri Jinnai, which alarms Shingen. Shingen warns Seitarou later in Vol.8 that Yadogiri's a dangerous character and like a radioactive substance poisons those around him. But apparently Seitarou doesn't take his warning too seriously, thinking he will be able to use Yadogiri and remain safe from Yadogiri's harm.
In his conversation with Yadogiri later in the novel he declares that he wants "everything" - not only Celty's head but also the dullahan's body, Saika's current host Anri, and Hijiribe Ruri. The most disturbing of all - and probably most significant for the future direction of this series - is his desire to reunite Celty's head with her body, which he implies he will do no matter Celty herself wishes for it or not.

Sharaku Eijirou & Sharaku Mikage
The Sharaku family is introduced in Vol.8. Eijirou and Mikage are the second youngest and the youngest respectively of the siblings. They're both martial arts instructors at the gym Mairu and Akabayashi (and later Akane) go to. Eijirou is one of the new members active in the chatroom throughout Vol.8 where he disses his sister's flat chest at every opportunity. Compared to her brother Eijirou, Mikage seems bound to have a more important role in the volumes to come. A boyish young woman, she is an exceptional martial artist (better than Eijirou according to Mairu) and apparently knows Izumii Ran. When Izumii is freed from a correctional institution, Mikage accompanies him to a gathering at Izaya's place.

Adabashi Kisuke
You thought Seiji was bad? Check out this wretched creature. He lives for one purpose only: to love Hijiribe Ruri, i.e. kill her slowly and ritualistically by destroying everything she loves and every representation of her. Vol.8 is about he and his comrades' crazy pursuit for things related (often only in their wild imagination) to Hijiribe Ruri to kill. Kisuke himself, for instance, wounds Shinra almost fatally and would have strangled Mikado had Masaomi not arrived in time to give him a kick in the balls.

Yadogiri Jinnai
He's not a new character. But would you have expected that he was the one who coaxed Shingen into stealing Celty's head by leaking the dullahan's whereabouts to him and selling him Saika? He's a much more skilled information broker and manipulating bastard than Izaya. Throughout Vol.8 he directs Adabashi and his group towards targets to attack. Yadogiri is wanted by both the police and Awakusu-kai, but he manages to evade all searches for him by constantly changing his appearance and voice. One can only speculate what is going to happen now that Seitarou's desire is coupled with Yadogiri's seemingly inexhaustible know-how.

The Orihara Troupe
Not really. It's a nickname Japanese fans came up with for the bunch of fucked-up people who gathered at Izaya's place at the end of Vol.8. New or returning, these characters are worth noting since they're probably the characters who are going to fuck Ikebukuro up in the coming volumes. Among them are:
Adabashi Kisuke
Niekawa Haruna
Izumii Ran (Though he makes it very clear that he's just here to kill Kadota, Yumasaki, Masaomi, Aoba and eventually Izaya himself.)
Sharaku Mikage
Slon (Awakusu-kai stationed him here as a "lock" on Izaya.)
Dragon Zombie members
And Vol.8 closes with Izaya claiming that they're all his "friends" and inviting them to have hotpot with him. I don't know about you, but I would very much want a picture of that.



[Ficlet?] 21 Facts
I know, I know, it's not the best idea to post ficlets in a translation journal. But I write in English only rarely and making an account just for it would seem kind of...you know. This one is not yaoi - not unless you squint real hard. More or less I just tried to put in words what I pictured the two's internal interaction would be like.

21 Facts About Orihara Izaya and Kishitani Shinra

1. Shinra cares about Izaya. He does.

2. Celty is his only love, Shizuo his wild specimen, and Izaya his leisure book in human form.

3. Izaya does not like to be read. But what's good about Shinra is that he doesn't have to touch the book to peruse it.

4. On the other hand, Izaya appreciates him as much as he would a dentally advised, nutrition-balanced dish - which means he's not intolerable like canned food, but somehow just not the most appetizing.

5. Shinra will regularly remind Izaya, though, that it's the most healthy.

6. What makes Shinra abnormal is that he's insatiable when it comes to healthy stuff. Celty, of course, falls under that category.

7. If Izaya knows that something is healthy, he will eat an appropriate half of it and leave the rest.

8. Shinra is not a psychiatrist, but he knows that Izaya is not schizophrenic.

9. In fact, Izaya is more in one piece than almost all the rest of them.

10. So in one piece that his mentality appears held together by superglue.

11. He cannot blame Izaya. After all, just like you'll need a steelier scalpel to cut steely muscles, you'll need a mentality more together than that of all other human beings if you want to love them properly.

12. That said, Izaya might be a little bipolar. But it was nothing the younger Shinra felt he should have been concerned about.

13. In retrospect, and in retrospect only, Shinra feels that he could have interfered a little more.

14. But the fact remains that he had already chosen to overlook it precisely because Izaya stabbed him, and no one else, in middle school.

15. Shinra doesn't consider it part of his own sins. Next to Izaya his conscience is as good as white.

15. Years later, Izaya told him in a curt manner (for Izaya) that the stabbing wasn't on impulse.

16. Shinra never asked him what it was then.

17. Shinra knows that every evil Izaya has perpetuated on others will eventually come back to Izaya. Izaya knows this as well.

18. When they think "every evil", neither of them consider the stabbing in middle school one of them.

19. Before they can do so, though, Shinra knows that Izaya will make sure to die a spectacular death in as human a fashion as he possibly can - which means, naturally, that it can ultimately be nothing but suicide.

20. When the time comes, he will call Izaya to ask if it's on impulse.

21. Izaya will tell him no, and hang up.



DRRR!! character name trivia.

Ryuugamine Mikado (竜ヶ峰帝人)& Kida Masaomi(紀田正臣)

"Dragon Peak Emperor" and his "righteous vassal". This is intentional, at least according to Narita.

Orihara Izaya(折原臨也), Orihara Mairu(折原舞流)& Orihara Kururi(折原九琉璃)

"Orihara" is not too uncommon a surname - Narita probably wished to stress his "ordinary origins" here. The kanji for Izaya's given name, a very rare combination if ever used at all, would usually be pronounced "Rinya" and definitely not "Izaya". And it seems that 臨, when used singly in a male name (a rare instance as well), is usually pronounced Nozomu (correct me if I'm wrong here!)

TV News: ...The injured, Mr. Orihara Izaya, is...
Namie (squinting at the screen): (It's definitely him. Though they didn't put a photo of him on TV, it's not like there would be a second person in Japan who would have that kanji combination as a given name and pronounce it as "Izaya".)
- Vol. 7 (Not a translation - I just kind of tried to sum it up.)

The only reason his name is pronounced "Izaya" was that his parents wanted it to sound the same as the biblical prophet Isaiah (phonetically "Izaya" in Japanese). When Narita first introduced Izaya he mentioned another origin of his name - 臨 is also a reference to the phrase "臨む者", which could mean "the one who rules" but also multiple other things depending on the context, e.g. in the following biblical quote:

地の上に空な事が行われている。すなわち、義人であって、悪人に臨むべき事が、その身に臨む者がある。また、悪人であって、義人に臨むべき事が、その身に臨む者がある。わたしは言った、これもまた空であると。 -伝道の書 8:14

There is a vanity which is done on the earth, that there are righteous men to whom it happens according to the work of the wicked. Again, there are wicked men to whom it happens according to the work of the righteous. I said that this also is vanity.   - Ecclesiastes 8:14

Izaya himself commented in Vol.4 that his parents' naming sense was unusual to say the very least. "Mairu" and "Kururi" aren't ordinary names either. "Mairu" is used very rarely and almost exclusively as a pen name or handle. "Kururi" is a twist of the more mundane "Ruri", which could mean either Lapis lazuli or a type of Chinese glasswork.

Heiwajima Shizuo(平和島静雄)& Heiwajima Kasuka(平和島幽)

"Peaceful Island Serene Man". But you know that part already. What you may not know is that Kasuka's given name is just as unindicative as his brother's: it means "obscure" while everyone knows him as Hanejima Yuuhei the top idol.

Like "Senjougahara", "Heiwajima" is a place name (in this case an artificial island in Oota, Tokyo) instead of a real surname (again, native speakers - I got it from 2ch discussions so correct me if I'm wrong.) "Shizuo", on the other hand, is a fairly common male name and has a couple of kanji variations.

In Vol.3 Shinra explained to Celty the link between Kasuka's true name and showbiz name: the "Hane" in "Hanejima Yuuhei" can alternatively be pronounced as "Wa" and "Yuu" as "Kasuka"; that gives you "Wa-jima-kasuka-hei" -  a rearranged version of "Heiwajima Kasuka".

Kishitani Shinra(岸谷新羅)& Kishitani Shingen(岸谷森厳)

Like Izaya, the Kishitanis have a not-uncommon surname but unusual given names.

"Shinra", alternatively "Shiragi", is the Japanese/Chinese name for Silla, a long-lived kingdom in ancient Korea.

Ironically, Shingen's given name means "solemn".

Celty Sturluson

We can guess that "Celty" is almost certainly intended to refer to her Irish/Celtic origins. "Sturluson", however, is a Nordic patronym (i.e. not an actual surname) whose most famous user was the poet and politician Snorri Sturluson, born to the Sturlungar family in Iceland.

Kadota Kyohei(門田京平)

His name is a reference to the renowned light novelist Kadono Kouhei, who published his most celebrated series - Boogiepop - under Dengeki Bunko.

Yumasaki Walker(遊馬崎ウォーカー)

It is implied various times in the series that he might be half-white - hence the "Walker". His name is a reference to another Dengeki Bunko light novelist, Okayu Masaki (author of the Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan series).

Karisawa Erika(狩沢絵理華)

Her name is a reference to the Dengeki Bunko light novelists Arisawa Mamizu (Infinity Zero series) and Nakamura Erika (Double Brid series).

Togusa Saburo (渡草三郎)

Dengeki Bunko novelist Watase Souichiro (渡瀬草一郎) (Sora no Kane no Hibiku Wakusei series).



Юри в Дррр!!


Vol. 6

"Ah, Anri-chan, you wanna go to dinner with us?"

Yumasaki had barely finished asking when Karisawa, who had at some point positioned herself behind Anri, put her arms around Anri's body.

"Kyah - !?"

"That reminds me! I have a lot of stuff to ask Anri-chan today!"

Her hands busy exploring different parts of Anri's body, Karisawa grinned.

"Where have you been keeping that katana? Are you really a Flame Haze? Or just a beauty in glasses who happens to enjoy cosplaying? Or a stacked-up anthropomorph of the Demon Blade Muramasa?"

"Hey, cut it out you sexual harassment specialist."


Vol. 4

[Please, just let me have my daily allowance already! That's the only reason I put up with these distasteful bodily experiments you've been doing on me after all. And what was the last palpating part supposed to tell you about my body?]

"Ahhh, your skin is impeccable as egg white, and fresh out of the bath too......so beautiful and smooth I just did want to touch it closely and become immersed in heavenliness."*

* Emilia's grammar is the worst in the series. To the extent that I don't even know how to begin to convey it, actually.


Vol. 4

"......Alive (Are you all right)?......"

"Umm......I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, Kuru-nee......but this is too much of a shock......"


"Yuuhei-san......Yuuhei-san just became somebody else's......ahhh, had the name up there been 'Kururi' instead of 'Ruri' I would have been able to put up with it. Actually, I would be happy to see it! Why oh why! My heart is going to burst from the pain! My sadness is on the order of magnitude of Graham's number!"

......Kururi stopped in her tracks at the middle of the sidewalk. Turning around, she covered her sister's lips forcefully with her own.


Mairu's eyes popped wide like Aoba's did yesterday at the sudden turn of events.


Though taken aback by her sister's actions, Mairu began to embrace her older sister back with a tranced look on her face.

As if taking it for some sort of cue, Kururi broke the kiss and smiled at her younger sister and said:

"Alive (Are you all right now)?"


Vol. 7

Namie wailed slightly as she was pinned to the floor in one swift movement.

Mika mounted Namie's body and sat there pressing Namie to the ground.

Under Mika's skirt Namie's breasts were touching the insides of Mika's legs, tender flesh rubbing against each other.

Judging by just the appearance this was quite an erotic scene, but -

The sight of the shovel pointed directly at Namie's throat messed it all up.

"......Please stay still. ☆"

Smiling, the little devil looked down at the witch.

Mika pushed the tip of the shovel further against Namie's throat.

Namie's chest was heaving in accordance with the pace of her breath. Mika, feeling her thighs rubbed against through her outer garments, grinned bitterly and said:

"......Sis-in-law, you really have a better figure than I expected, ahahah..."


Vol. 7

"......By the way, how far have you gotten with Seiji?"


"Please don't make me say things that embarrass me."


"......So I take it you two have at least kissed?"


In answer to that question, Mika turned her gaze back to Namie for a moment before looking away again.

"......So you have."


"And? What are you going to do about it......ummmm?!"

Namie leaned forward and - pressed her lips to Mika's mouth.

"Mmm!! Mmmm!?"

Mika would have brandished her limbs about had her body not been disabled for the moment.

After several seconds that felt like eternity, Namie slowly pulled her face away from Mika's mouth.

And looked at her with eyes full of distaste and hatred.

"I won't let......the feeling of Seiji's kiss remain on your lips. ......Though a woman kissing another is a bit sick......it would still be an enchanting memory as long as I think of it as an indirect kiss with Seiji."



Кусок из пятого тома об Аобе и Синих Квадратах.


3 years ago, a suburb of Ikebukuro, rooftop of a certain apartment building

"...The hell you were gonna talk to me about? I don't have that much time to waste either if that's what you're thinking."

The young man did not bother to conceal his irritation as he spoke to boy in front of him.

From the rooftop the view in every direction was already drenched in the red glow of the sunset. The young man narrowed his eyes since the boy he was facing had his back turned to the sun.

It was difficult to make out the exact expression on the boy's backlit face, but the corner of his mouth was curled into an unambiguous smile.

The young man - Izumii Ran - did not like his younger brother Izumii Aoba at all.

Aoba had always acted all smart and appeared highly aware of other people's needs, which somehow never failed to stir a weird kind of annoyance in him.

Not that his younger brother had ever actually done anything to him. But although he never felt inferior to Aoba in any way, he had this feeling that Aoba was always the one getting all the affection.

Love from their parents, praise from their teachers, friendship from their peers - he felt like Aoba was raised with more of all these forms of love than he was.

Not that he actually wanted more of those than what he had gotten. But his impression had since been that Aoba was the one who was getting everything, and that annoyed him to no end.

As a sort of revenge he had beaten Aoba up on several occasions and encountered little resistance on Aoba's part.

Until this one day, after he had overdone it just a little bit - a small fire broke out in Ran's room. Apparently it started while he was out having fun for the night. The moment he got back home, his father broke his nose.

They said it was because he didn't put out his cigarette.

Fortunately the fire didn't evolve into anything more serious. The problem was, however, that he did not recall smoking at all before he left home that night.

"I'm just so glad big brother is not injured."

His younger brother, then still in elementary school, had smiled the most refreshing smile at him.

The sheer pressure from that smile had kept him from voicing in front of his brother any doubt he might have had.

Instead he simply distanced himself from his brother, which became easier to do when they began to live physically apart after their parents' divorce.

His younger brother seemed to have changed his surname to their mother's maiden name. Not that Ran cared.

Everything was good as long as he didn't have to see his irritating little brother again.

By now Ran had already earned a reputation as a famous delinquent in the neighborhood. It was best to stay away from the one that was capable of unsettling him.

However - this very younger brother had said "I need to talk to you" in a serious tone.

Izumii, who came to the rooftop as his brother had asked, did not let his guard down as he hurled insults at his brother.

He was used to fights, after all.

He had no immediate plan to attack. But if his featherweight little brother were to try to pick a fight, Ran should be able to knock him down in no time.

The corners of his mouth relaxed as soon as he double-checked that fact in his mind.

Aoba, meanwhile, moved his smiling lips just as his older brother took on a more laid-back stance.

"Actually, I have a favor to ask of you, big brother."

"What? I got no money to lend to my little brother."

"It's not that kind of favor......look, big brother, you're sort of famous among high school students in this area, right?"

"Ahh? The hell you're tryin' to say?"

Aoba slowly began to explain as his brother frowned.

"I um, gathered some friends and um, sort of made this gang-like thing. It was really a joke when it started out....."

"Gang? What gang? Study group kinda thing?"

"Well, at first that was what it was.....but then we had all these weird people joining in......some are much older than we are, even adults are starting to have stuff to do with us recently."

Ran was getting more irritated by the minute as he listened to his brother's pointless rambling.

But the look in Ran's eyes couldn't help but change at Aoba's next words.

"You know Horada-san and Higa-san from No. 3 Middle School?"


He had heard of those names.

Those were pretty famous veteran evildoers who had a reputation among Ran's peers.

He had heard that Horada dropped out of high school. The last thing he expected, however, was to hear Horada's name spoken by his perfect student of a younger brother.

"I haven't really met them in person......but they are in my gang too."


Perhaps he should just dismiss that as a joke.

But he couldn't.

Even if it really were nothing more than a joke, it was odd enough that his brother had mentioned Horada and Higa in the first place.

"It's starting to get out of my control......I have no idea what Horada and the other adults will do if they ever get to know that the leader of the gang is someone like me......I'm so scared."

- Liar.

Ran decided right away as he heard Aoba say these words.

Aoba was obviously lying.

As distant as they were, they were brothers for a reason. He was at least aware of certain sides of Aoba.

But he couldn't really say anything.

Apparently Aoba wasn't lying about the gang.

Or about Horada and the other adults.

The one thing Aoba lied about was that the gang had begun to "get out of his control".

And what Ran did was - he lied as well.

Put on a false show in front of his little brother.

Somewhat longingly, he took a deep breath and voiced the deceivingly steady words intended to fool Aoba and himself.

"You pitiful little bastard. So......what is it you want me to do? Ahh?"

"I'm so scared right now. I really don't want anything to do with this gang anymore......so I want big brother to become the new leader of this gang."


He was probably just trying to use him.

Ran was aware of this. But he didn't back out.

If he backed out right now, he would lose the one and only chance to stand above his brother.

This thought preoccupied Ran's brain. He went so far as to decide to let his little brother try to use him if he dared.

"......So this gang of yours, does it have a name?"

Aoba maintained his innocent smile as he answered this question somewhat too cheerfully.

"Yeah, a friend of mine thought it up......"

"It's called Blue Square."


One year later.

When Blue Square got into trouble with the gang named Yellow Turbans, Aoba simply looked on.

He didn't put his most trusted fellow members to the rescue. His brother, out of sheer pride on the older sibling's part, didn't ask for his help either.

Aoba did not say anything when the news of his brother's arrest reached him.

However, when he heard that Blue Square got into further trouble with Awakusu-kai and Heiwajima Shizuo to the point where the gang's very existence hung on the line -

The boy still in middle school muttered only two icy words.

"......How useless."


Several years later, late April, somewhere in Saitama

"Still......is it really OK to write 'DOLLARS', Aoba?"

In front of burning motorbikes stood some boys holding spray cans.

"Of course. Just do it before anyone comes and sees us."

Said Aoba with a ruthless expression he never showed in front of Mikado or others.

It was a quiet parking lot somewhere in the dead of the night.

There weren't any stores still open around the area or pedestrians passing by.

Aoba did not look like he belonged in such a place. Around him several motorbikes were on fire, and their owners lying flat on the asphalt ground.

On the walls illuminated by the flame there was a painted logo with a gorgeous woman riding on the back of a tiger and the word "TORAMARU".

Had it been painted in the right place it would have qualified as a work of art with its astounding execution. This did not, however, stop the boys from spraying large expanses of black paint over its perfection.

Aoba squinted at the boys as they went about doing their job and turned to the numerous other boys standing around him.

"The name 'Blue Square' just doesn't sound like it would sell."

"Was that why you just let your big brother take over and land us in this phenomenally pathetic state?"

Aoba laughed in self-irony and continued to speak despite his friends' jabs.

"The one who came up with the name Blue Square was actually Yatsufusa."

"Hmm, what's the story behind that name?" "Heheh."

"Yatsufusa said that we were almost like 'sharks stranded in shallow shoals.' Each one of us had a small blue rectangular piece of territory. You guys are like sharks fighting desperately just to protect that little slice of territory you have - that's how he said he came up with that name."

Some of the boys around Aoba nodded as if satisfied with the story, some twisted their heads looking nonplussed, and some simply laughed.

"What does that mean......?" "Go study."

"Aoba...does that mean the guy was making fun of us?"

"Heheh." "That bastard Yacchii." "He was making fun of us all right."

"Maybe. But I really liked that name."

For a moment some actual warmth slipped its way into Aoba's ruthless smile; but illuminated by the flame consuming the remains of the motorbikes around him all it did was send shudders down the spectator's spine. 

Not taking notice of the vaguely intimidating smile on Aoba's face, one of the boys looked around and popped up a question.

"Where's the VIP who gave us our name?"

"Yatsufusa? He's home sick. Isn't he always?"

"Yep, that one's pretty frail."

"Hang on, that Mitsukuri just sprayed 'DARAASU' in hiragana!"

"Somebody stop him!" "Whatever, that works too." "Heehee."

"So Aoba, what exactly is to be done with this Dollars?"

Aoba spoke nonchalantly as the boys around him clamored.

"Big sharks can't swim in shallow shoals. They'll drown."

His figure was in silhouette now, backlit by the raging flame.

But his friends knew it.

Aoba was smiling from the bottom of his heart.

"To make the most of the high time of our lives......we'll need to swim in an ocean like Dollars."

"And? Is that why we're picking on these Saitama folks?"

"......Dollars...is vast enough, but quite shallow. Its vastness does surprise even me at times......"

"But for sharks it's just that much easier to swim where the water is deeper. That's really all I'm trying to do here."



Рёго Нарита о 1-м томе Дррр!!


“Never before has there been a Dengeki novel with a headless heroine!"

As I made this assertion aloud at the annual party, an indecipherable expression appeared on my illustrator Yasuda-san's face.

Anyway, this series was written with the sole purpose of having a dullahan as the heroine. Usually dullahans are side-dish villains in games, so I thought it would be interesting to have a dullahan as the central character.

My editor OK-ed this bizarre story setup almost immediately. I cannot thank him more.

·Ryuugamine Mikado·········This guy is not the protagonist. I have mixed feelings about the fact that people always assume he's the protagonist. I intended him to be the "still waters run deep" type of character. It should also be obvious in the novels that he isn't being trained to defeat some kind of evil boss or anything, so I didn't expect him to appear as if he's the protagonist.

·Yumasaki & Karisawa·········Otaku duo. If it looks to you like their names are based on some Dengeki authors, it's just you. I told you it's just you.
By the way, if it also looks to you like the name of a certain gang member comes from a certain author, or a mafia character's name is borrowed from a certain editor, there is no such possibility. Told you there is not. And the mafia character hasn't even appeared yet anyway.

·Kadota·········The leader type who tames the otaku duo and other gangsters. I beg you not to think that his name comes from a combination of certain authors' names. I am really bothered by the fact that so many people take him for K-ta-san.

·Kishitani Shinra·········I had many discussions with Yasuda-san about how his illustration should look like. At the end I said, "Please make him something like Yashima Norito.""Oh! That's the guy from Hey! The Spring of Trivia!" and thereby his character design was decided. That's all. Not that it makes you feel like you learned anything.

·Heiwajima Shizuo·········I did not give him this name; a friend did. I asked, is there a good name for a violent short-tempered character? And that friend of mine became his christener. ...Is it really alright to have a character that's so exactly the opposite of what his name suggests?

·Orihara Izaya········The name "Izaya" was also the brainchild of a friend of mine. When I first designed this character, I was like "It would be kinda boring if he's just the know-it-all and unbeatable type. Why not I also make him a natural enemy of sorts" and that's how Shizuo came into being. However...it turned out that they're received as the "actually these two are really close!" and even bacon lettuce (BL) combination. As for why, that's something I have yet to reflect upon.......

·Celty Sturluson········She's the heroine. Also the protagonist. But adults won't understand. Kids don't understand either.

When the editor saw the cat ear helmet, which was the product of a joke when I first bounced off ideas on character designs with Yasuda-san, he was like "......That will be it." And I was like "Really? You mean this?" and it was settled. Thanks to Yasuda-san's taste, it really turned out to be a kickass helmet in the final version.



Durarara!!/Дурарара!! Том 6. Микадо, Аоба и случай с шариковой ручкой.

С приближением ночи заброшенный завод казался ещё более мрачным. По какой-то причине электричество ещё работало; лампочки тускло освещали заржавевшие от времени стены и потолок.

- Что случилось, Микадо-семпай? О чем вы хотите поговорить со мной, да ещё в подобном месте? – спросил Аоба Куронума у Микадо, который стоял неподалеку в той же одежде, что была на нем днем. Он вертел в руках шариковую ручку, изредка постукивая ею по стоявшему рядом железному барабану.

Аоба до сих пор был окружен членами Синих Квадратов, как и днем – и, было это случайностью или нет, они располагались так же, как и раньше.

Только в этот раз Микадо сам попросил о встрече.

- Мне очень жаль что мне пришлось позвать вас сюда, когда у вас сегодня было много других важных дел.

- Ничего, это моя вина что я притащил сюда семпая, да ещё и к тому же в такой неподходящий час. – Беззащитно улыбнулся Аоба. Микадо ответил ему улыбкой, которая всегда была на его лице в школе.

Это удивило Аобу.

«Неужели… Не мог же он подстроить ловушку с Чёрным Всадником!?»

С осторожностью выбирая слова, Аоба спросил с фальшивым спокойствием:

- Могу ли я поинтересоваться, о чем семпай хотел со мной поговорить?

- Ээ… Да… Я немного обдумал это… по-своему…

На лице Микадо, мерно постукивавшего концом ручки по барабану, отразилась грусть.

- Ты был прав… То, как Доллары сейчас… Это просто неправильно. Это точно не те Доллары, которые я желал бы видеть. Хотя среди нас до сих пор есть идеалисты, например, Кадота-сан и его компания.… Но большинство, к сожалению, не такие.

- Читаешь мои мысли.

- Но у Долларов с самого начала не было никаких правил, и если мы сейчас начнем устанавливать ограничения… Доллары уже просто больше не будут Долларами. В мире без правил… Единственное, на что ты можешь положиться, чтобы реализовать свои мечты – это власть.

Микадо кивнул сам себе словно в подтверждение всего вышесказанного, стукнув концом ручки по бочке ещё раз и слушая эхо.

- … И Шизуо-сан ушел сегодня из Долларов.

- О… Правда?
Аоба был по-настоящему удивлен, услышав о Шизуо.

Микадо снова тихо кивнул.

- И… И я думаю, что если бы вы мне позволили воспользоваться собой, своими силами, и в то же время использовать меня для своих целей… Я думаю что я смог бы принять это.

- Серьёзно!? – беззащитная улыбка Аобы стала шире.

«Всё идет по плану»

Он едва подавил в душе злобную усмешку.

«Как ты наивен, Микадо-семпай. Всё пройдет ещё лучше, чем я думал»

Он совсем не ожидал, что всё случится так.

Всё, что он сделал – лишь стравил Долларов и парочку байкерских группировок, надеясь швырнуть реальность Микадо в лицо. Но результат получился просто изумительным…

«Наверняка Орихара Изая, оставаясь в тени, тоже сделал что-то, чтобы всё так и получилось»

И хотя он чувствовал незримое присутствие врага во всем это деле, Аоба решил остаться довольным тем фактом, что именно он заставил Микадо следовать его плану.

«До этого момента все события происходили согласно моему плану и плану Изаи; теперь можно уже просто наблюдать за тем, какая сторона одержит верх - думал Аоба, мысленно прокручивая в голове сегодняшний день. – К тому же я выяснил возможное местонахождение Чёрного Всадника. Завтра пойду навещу ту квартиру. И… Меня всё больше интересует Анри-семпай. Только вот у Изаи наверняка уже есть информация об этом. Но навряд ли Чёрный Всадник является одним из его пешек. Если бы я мог извлечь для себя выгоду… ».

Пока Аоба обдумывал всё это, на его лице сохранялось выражение послушного кохая – специальное выражение для Микадо.

Микадо медленно проговорил:

- Конечно. Не мог бы ты подойти сюда? Я хотел бы, чтобы ты подписал договор.

- Договор?

- Да. Договор необходим, если мы хотим, чтобы всё было по-честному, верно?

«… Это предложение очень в духе Микадо-семпая. Если он хочет сделать что-то с моей подписью, я приму необходимые меры.»

«На самом деле никто никогда не закрепляет такие дела на бумаге – но тут речь шла о Микадо, который просто не привык к подобным вещам», подумал Аоба, подходя к Микадо.
- Что ты хочешь чтобы я подписал?

- А, да, насчет этого договора…

Микадо указал на листок бумаги, лежавший на железном барабане.

Что он мог там написать?

Могут ли быть какие-нибудь ловушки между строк? Или он прямо и чётко указал все условия договора?..

Аоба протянул руку, размышляя над содержанием соглашения.

- Чистый лист!?..

В следующую секунду жгучая боль пронзила его протянутую руку. Её источник был между большим и указательным пальцев в той части ладони, где не было костей.

Всё ещё в шоке от того, что только что произошло, Аоба взглянул на свою ладонь-


Кровь сочилась из открытой раны, оставленной Микадо, когда тот без сожаления и колебания пронзил его руку шариковой ручкой, оставив капли крови на листке бумаги.

Аоба взглянул на Микадо…

И моментально застыл от того, что он увидел.

Не то что бы он внезапно радикально изменился, или черты его лица стали другими.

И всё же на какую-то долю секунды Аоба подумал, что человек, стоящий сейчас перед ним просто не может быть Микадо.

Его глаза были холодными, словно он презирал весь мир, смотрел на него сверху вниз-

- Эй, Аоба!

- Что ты делаешь!??

Повернувшись к своим товарищам, Аоба неповрежденной рукой приказал всем оставаться на местах.

«…Микадо… Семпай… Что…»

«Неважно что ты сделал… Ты втянул в это дело Сонохару-сан. Вот моя реакция на это. А также мой первый приказ тебе»


«Узри и прими последствия моего гнева»

Аоба отчаянно старался сохранить лицо, пытаясь справиться с болью и вести себя непринужденно и холодно с Микадо.

«… Это была… Впечатляющая реплика, семпай…»

«Если ты не желаешь подчиняться, просто также проткни мою руку или моё горло этой же самой ручкой… Или доложи на меня в школу или полицию»


«После того, что я с тобой сделал, у тебя есть на это полное право»

Грусть немного разбавила выражение холодности на его лице.

Аоба предпочел улыбнуться.

«…Нет, всё нормально. Это… И послужит договором между нами, написанном моей кровью»

Аоба поднял запачканный кровью листок в воздух и объявил с бесстрашной улыбкой:

«С этого момента… Микадо-семпай… Является нашим лидером. Семпай, теперь не стесняйся использовать нас по своему усмотрению как часть Долларов.

«… Хорошо»

Аоба, всё ещё борясь с болью и не желая показывать выражение дискомфорта на лице обернулся, чтобы удостовериться, что Микадо согласен…

И вновь позволил себе замереть.

Ощущение холодности, исходившее от Микадо, исчезло всего за какие-то несколько секунд; на его лице снова была та же самая улыбка, что и всегда в школе.

«Это правда здорово… Я имею ввиду я правда счастлив, что ты согласился на это! И я очень, очень извиняюсь! Я принес немного обеззараживающего средства и бинты. Я перевяжу тебя, давай, подними свою руку на уровень сердца!»

Микадо настолько профессионально всё подготовил, что можно было подумать, словно он представитель класса по вопросу здравоохранения в школе.

Теперь он снова был похож на того Микадо, которого Аоба знал – даже пожалуй он теперь был ещё больше Микадо-истый чем обычно-

Но мрачное чувство, похожее на то, что люди зовут страхом, захватило его.

Члены Синих Квадратов в какой-то мере наверняка разделяли его состояние, судя по тому, что разговоры среди них прекратились и они просто молча наблюдали за Микадо и Аобой.

Аоба, чувствуя холодные капли пота, ползущие по спине, думал.

Орихара Изая, понял ли ты это?

Ты и я, мы оба недооценили Микадо-семпая.

Даже учитывая то, что мы с тобой о нем знаем… Вполне может оказаться, что семпай…

На самом деле не тот, кем кажется.

Понял ли ты это… Орихара Изая?..


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